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 Magnetic Business Card Holders | Outdoor Business Card Holders | Brochure Holders

Dock Ur Docs®
  • Displays & Dispenses Business Cards & Brochures
  • Magnetically Attaches To Any Metal Surface
  • Attach Your Dock Ur Docs To Cars, Boats, Signs, Doors, & Store Fronts
  • Weather Resistant To Protect Documents
  • Permanently Attaches To Smooth Surfaces

Business Card Holders | Brochure Holders – Outdoor & Magnetic Holders

We offer Magnetic Business Card Holders and magnetic brochure holders for cars and other types of automobiles. We also have permanent adhesive outdoor business card holders and outdoor brochure holders that you can use on store fronts, apartment mailboxes and much much more. The most important aspect of Dock Ur Docs® document holders is it can display and dispense your company information to potential clients creating closed sales and that is what you need with any investment you make for promoting your business. These brochure holders and business card holders are a must have for all businesses.


Magnetic Car Business Card Holders

Magnetic Business Cards | Business Cards | Brochures | Outdoor & Magnetic Holders

Magnetic Business card holders that magnetically attach to your car.

Easily attaches to your car so people can get your contact information from a business card. Don’t forget to keep them counted so you can see that Dock Ur Docs® works for you too.

Magnetic Business Card Holders

Magnetic Car Brochure Holders for Outdoors

Business Card Holders | Brochure Holders for Outdoors

Brochure holders for your car.

Provide extensive information by offering brochures about your company on your car. Dock Ur Docs® easily attaches magnetically to your car.

Magnetic Brochure Holders

Business Card & Brochure Holders for Cars & Trucks

Business Card Holders | Brochure Holders

Magnetic brochures and business cards to your car.

Give potential clients the choice of either taking a large amount of information about your company or they can quickly grab your business card so they can contact you at a later date.

Magnetic Combo Holders


Outdoor Business Card Holders

Magnetic Business Cards | Business Cards | Brochures | Outdoor & Magnetic Holders

Business card holders that permanently adhere to outdoor surfaces.

Attach these business card holders to your magnetic sign on your car.

Outdoor Business Card Holders

Outdoor Store Front Brochure Holders

Brochures for Outdoors

Brochure holders that you can use on your store front.

These come in real handy if you are in a shopping center with a lot of traffic.These brochure holders attach with a permanent adhesive.

Weather Resistant Brochures

Outdoor Combo Holders

Business Card & Brochure Holders

Our outdoor brochure and business card holders are weather resistant.

These permanent brochure holders have built on business card holders so potential clients can grab your information while passing by.

Outdoor Document Holders


Watch how easy it is for potential clients to use these document holders!

Dock Ur Docs business card holders and brochure holders that can go anywhere!


Everyone can make their car a sales rep with these business card holders and brochure holders!

If you have a magnetic sign on your car you need to add this affordable marketing device such as the business card holder next to it, or have magnetic signs made with it implemented into the design.

I am sure if you close ONE sale from someone taking your business card off your car; it has paid for itself.

All you do is put your business cards and/or brochures in your Dock Ur Docs and stick it on your car! You can drive with it on your car, just keep it filled and it will work for you.

Your documents can answer the questions neighboring homes and business owners may ask your employees that DO NOT know the answer because they do not work in that department. This would eliminate costly payroll time with your work force out in the field that really can’t answer the question in the first place.


Do you own a store front in a shopping center that you watch people walk by all the time? They could even possibly pause in front of your store, but then they continue to walk on by.

Install one of the 2-sided permanent adhesive Dock Ur Docs® on your store window or door, so they can conveniently take your business information learn about your services or products and easily call or come back to you. You have no idea how many closed sales you have watched walk by. Everyone in that shopping center is not there for just your business. Take advantage of the other stores’ traffic.


Brochure Holders

Magnetic Brochure Holders

Business Card Holders For Trucks

Business Card Holders For Vans

Outdoor Brochure Holders

Brochure Holders For Cars

Outdoor Business Card Holders

Business Card Holders For Cars

Brochure Holders For Trucks

Brochure Holders For Vans

Business Card Holders

Magnetic Business Card Holders

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