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Dock Ur Docs®
  • Displays & Dispenses Business Cards & Brochures
  • Magnetically Attaches To Any Metal Surface
  • Attach Your Dock Ur Docs To Cars, Boats, Signs, Doors, & Store Fronts
  • Weather Resistant To Protect Documents
  • Permanently Attaches To Smooth Surfaces

Dock Ur Docs® | Computer Construction Company | Durenda Wood Owner/Inventor


Dock Ur Docs® is all about helping businesses generate new leads at a very low cost. Dock Ur Docs® makes it easier for the potential client in the parking lot to get your information while you are inside a building eating, having a business meeting, making a delivery or even at the show.


Our Mission:

As a company with several marketing products and services, we would like to extend Devine Abundance to all those that purchase our products and/or services.


Dock Ur DocsAbout Computer Construction Company and Owner:

Computer Construction Company is the owner of Dock Ur Docs® and we reserve all rights of the patent, trademark, and copyright information of Dock Ur Docs®. Computer Construction Company is a search engine optimization SEO firm based in Atlanta Georgia and is owned and operated by Durenda Wood.

Computer Construction Company was founded in 2001, due to the needs of the company Durenda Wood invented Dock Ur Docs® to market her business and to help other businesses. Durenda Wood has been in sales for over 30 years and has taken her talents to the Internet with Computer Construction Company. 

She has also invented an online business directory that put businesses in the natural results of the search engines. You can visit this directory at


Dock Ur Docs® | Computer Construction Company | Durenda Wood Owner/Inventor


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Outdoor Business Card Holders

Business Card Holders For Cars

Brochure Holders For Trucks

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Magnetic Business Card Holders

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