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Dock Ur Docs®
  • Displays & Dispenses Business Cards & Brochures
  • Magnetically Attaches To Any Metal Surface
  • Attach Your Dock Ur Docs To Cars, Boats, Signs, Doors, & Store Fronts
  • Weather Resistant To Protect Documents
  • Permanently Attaches To Smooth Surfaces


The magnetic business card holder and brochure holder combo is my favorite. It allows people to either take a lot of information about your company or they can just take a business card for future contact information.


Dock Ur Docs® Outdoor Magnetic Business Card & Brochure Holder for Car


These are designed to hold brochures and business cards.


Magnetic Combo Document Holders – Measurements:


Brochure Pocket Size: 4 9/16 in. by 8 3/4 in.

Business Card Pocket Size: 4 2/16 in. by 2 10/16 in.


Document Measurements:


Brochure Measurements 3 3/4 in. by 8 1/2 in.

Business Card Measurements 2 in. by 3 1/2 in.


Set of 2 for $19.99


Magnetic Business Card & Brochure Holder for Car


Buy more than one and get a discounted price.

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